04 – Timeline


An overview on how to navigate materials (‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’ on this site).

  • ‘Posts’ are calendar based events – showing brief overviews of activities. Posts can be accessed / filtered via tags (keywords) and categories. For more detailed information, you will need to access the appropriate ‘Pages’
  • ‘Pages’ are detailed accounts in relation to my activities – generally accessible via drop-down menus on top of this page.

‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’ are WORDPRESS terms, not of my making – I am merely using WordPress as the tool to compile this site (and consequently work with).

Categories – How to use them to sort through materials

Please use the CATEGORIES menu option on the left of your screen to filter materials.

Administration Activities

  • Activities that further the research process, maintain compliance with research guidelines, website population and maintenance.

Allied Activities

  • Activities or materials that inform, but are not essential to my research eg news articles, interest by third parties in my work etc.

Core Activities

  • Activities or events that are core to the progression my actual research. Meetings, visits, scanning, designing, prototyping, testing etc.


  • Posts directly related to current research – currently ‘pages’ are categorized – but will be once website is migrated to full blown WordPress site.


  • All of above, shown in appropriate order – remember, this only displays ‘Posts’ not ‘Pages’
  • A graphical layout for 2015 and provisional 2016 calendar can be found here.


  • Most likely pages that require categorizing.

Use the above to sort that material accordingly.

Tags are ‘keywords’ associated with my work and can also be used to filter results.

Company / collaborators names are protected (only accessible with appropriate passwords).

Although the nature of this research is ACADEMIC, this is to protect their contact information and avoids publicizing their interest / collaboration with on-going research.

In order to sift through materials in a chronological order, please follow these instructions:

  • Top Menu access – access materials in the order presented – articles at top are oldest.
  • Categories – use these to filter POSTS related to work (pages are NOT (yet) included in this system
  • Tags – filter POSTS based upon keywords (again PAGES are NOT included in this search method)

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