tone mapping

Tone mapping flattens all the exposure levels taken into a single image, using the best exposure available to produce a more balanced image.

The Spheron system is capable of taking upto 26 f-stop exposure values in a single scan (if required).

The proprietary ‘tone-mapping’ process the Spheron system employs works on a pixel by pixel basis, choosing the best exposure of each of the 26 (exposure) options, to produce an image very close to what the human eye can perceive / appreciate.

minus6 minus3 normal

Above (L-R) : Minus 6 f-stops | Minus 3 f-stops | Normal Exposure

plus3 plus6 Tone_Mapped

Above (L-R) : Plus 3 f-stops | Plus 6 f-stops | Tone Mapped image


Above : Click image for FULL resolution, tone mapped image (converted to JPEG, so some loss in fidelity)

Banding on image is due to sun being masked by clouds occasionally.

Without ‘tone-mapping’ you would not get the balanced interior view and clouds / airfield through the open hangar door.

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