SceneCam system

The core element to Spheron VR AG’s product portfolio.

The system supports Spheron’s activities in:

  • Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) industries – film, advertising
  • Forensics – crime scene documentation
  • Visual Asset management – BIM, VAM etc


Above : Spheron SceneCam system (Image courtesy of Spheron VR AG)

Camera – Basic Configuration

Above : SceneCam Key features

Spheron System – Operation Analytics

Above : Image slice – although system is fitted with a wide angle (fish-eye) 16mm Nikon NIKKOR lens, it takes vertical slices NOT fish-eye images

Above : Rotating camera head – the system completes a full 360-400 degree scan (about the vertical, red axis) from floor to ceiling.

The key thing here, is the lens and the rotational axis are positioned so there is no optical distortion of the image during capture – and that images are not interpolated, stitched interpretations, but true representations of the scene.

Above : Servo Masking – During capture, the front edge of the servo housing is also captured (which results in a grey horizontal band on bottom edge of equirectangular projection of image. The red cone depicts the un-captured area below the system.


Above : Equirectangular Projection : Servo masked area – above image (if clicked on) is re-sized down from 10000 pixels to 2000 pixels (width)


Above : Immersive View : Servo masked area : If needs be, we can add logos into the space (on grey rim).

26 f-stops of exposure


Image to be added / completed (work in progress)

Banner Image and infographic model / renders by Huw Thomas

Computer model (untextured) viewable here