Equirectangular Projection

A projection system that maps a spherical scanned image / capture onto an unwrapped cylindrical view.

Often used to convey a pictorial view of the world, in this context (panoramic image) the verticals remain vertical and the horizontal centre remains a straight line.

This format can be directly translated for further use within Panoramic authoring tools such as PanoWeaver.

The Spheron system automatically generates a tone mapped, equirectangular thumbnail preview for viewing convenience.

2014-02-21_11-19-04_SN111248_Preview 2014-05-22_13-44-38_SN111248_Preview 2014-12-11_13-15-19_SN111248_Preview_BEH 2014-12-11_13-58-17_SN111248_Preview 2015-07-24_12-53-40_SN111248_Preview 2013-11-05_11-14-19_SN111248_Preview 2015-07-30_12-16-56_SN111248_Preview