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Generated HDR set (with backplates) for IBL / Image Based Lighting process walk through.

As a dual pair of images was taken, we can also use these as a photogrammetry pair.

Process involved:

  • White Balance marker placement
  • Spheron scans (two of)
  • Digital backplates (taken with full frame sensor Canon 5D) and measurement cube in situ
  • Post-Processing of raw Spheron (.SPH) files to crate Radiance files (.HDR) (using Spheron native Image Processing Engine)
  • White Balancing Backplates (using Adobe Photoshop)
  • Removing Lens Distortion (using Adobe Photoshop)
  • White Balancing Radiance / HDR file (using Adobe Photoshop)
  • Resizing down to 5K wide file (for initial render tests) (using Adobe Photoshop)