2015 Spring – INDD 448 : 100 Professional ID Studio Practices (KICKER)


  • Prof Huw THOMAS

Contact – 6 hours per week x 16 weeks

Restored contact with KICKER and in conjunction with their designer successfully agreed a mutually beneficial design brief, suitable for this level and caliber of students – INDD 448 is a CORE ID class, so projects have to work for all students.

Huw Thomas’s input included:

  • Re-established contact with sponsor – initial approach to KU was not handled by myself and lead went cold.
  • 100% of class instruction / mentoring
  • Blackboard Support – solely responsible for Blackboard VLE content
  • Hosting sponsor visits
  • Hosting interim presentation
  • Supporting student presentation teams
  • Attending final presentation to 20-30 KICKER employees in Kicker Headquarters, Still Water, Oklahoma

Class Assessment

Huw THOMAS – exclusively

Associated Press Releases

None to date

Project Assignment (KICKER – 2 of 2 projects under this class)

Speculative pitch for a 5000 square foot Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 stand for KICKER. Worked as both a team pitch and individual pitches.

Samples of class output

part2.180 3quarter2 (2) 2sidestands

 – Above : Work of Tucker BROWN

Cobbins_Andre_Render 9_ Cobbins_Andre_Render 18_ Cobbins_Andre_Render 6_

 – Above : Work of Andre COBBINS

Floyd_Dylan_013_ Floyd_Dylan_010_ Floyd_Dylan_012_

 – Above : Work of Dylan Floyd

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