2015 Spring – INDD 448 : 100 Professional ID Studio Practices (Eyewear)


  • Prof Huw THOMAS

Contact – 6 hours per week x 16 weeks

Second component of this class. This element started the class off, with KICKER exercise starting at Week 06

Huw Thomas’s input included:

  • Brief origination
  • 100% of class instruction / mentoring
  • Blackboard Support – solely responsible for Blackboard VLE content
  • Software support
  • Studio Support / 1:1 mentoring
  • Presentation Reviews

Class Assessment

Huw THOMAS – exclusively

Associated Press Releases

None to date

Project Assignment (Eyewear – 1 of 2 projects under this class)

Speculative exercise producing eyewear concepts for Jaguar F-Type and Chevrolet Corvette ‘brands’

This was originally conceived as a short sharp exercise, but student software competencies impacted upon their productivity – so I extended deadline to end of semester.

Samples of class output


 – Above : Work of Colin BAIN

CorvetteFemaleBoard CorvetteUniBoard JaguarFemaleBoard

 – Above : Work of Kelsey DALY

A Jag Uni A Lady Vette Sunnys A Men Jag Sunnys

 – Above : Work of Andre COBBINS

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