2014 Spring – INDD 448 : 100 Professional ID Studio Practices (Pill Dispenser)


  • Prof Huw THOMAS

Contact – 6 hours per week x 16 weeks

Junior ID class, with a small cohort (10) but with the added attendance of an International Exchange Student from China.

Huw Thomas’s input included:

  • Brief / assignment origination
  • 100% of class instruction / mentoring
  • Blackboard Support – solely responsible for Blackboard VLE content
  • Reviews
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Office Hours
  • Language support – international student

Class Assessment

Huw THOMAS – exclusively

Associated Press Releases

None to date

Project Assignment (Pill Dispenser – 1 of 2 projects under this class)

Speculative assignment, starting off with the challenge of designing a one-handed pill (medical) dispenser. Although, first hand research by students would ultimately tailor outcomes to research driven outcomes / objectives.

Samples of class output

pill dispenser presentation3 pill dispenser presentation3 pill dispenser presentation3

 – Above : Work of Ashley SHELTON

Kaley_TESDAHL_Vitamin Presentation-11 Kaley_TESDAHL_Vitamin Presentation-17 Kaley_TESDAHL_Vitamin Presentation-18

 – Above : Work of Kaley TESDAHL

图形1.cdr 图形1.cdr 图形1.cdr

 – Above : Work of Fanjue (Tina) WU (International Exchange Student)

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