3.04.10 – Virtual Tour Hardware

I tested two systems for the creation of some virtual tours.

Of the tests I produced, the overall quality and consistency of the Spheron capture was the decider.

  • The images were sharper on the Spheron
  • The iSTAR images often demonstrated failed stitching operations (using both native and third party solutions). Not every image, but enough to be annoying.
  • The iSTAR was faster during capture, but let down by stitching issues and image sharpness (compare finer text on images below)
  • Both systems were operated at their maximum capture resolution (50 megapixels).
  • The iSTAR was set to HDR Pro mode.
  • The Spheron SceneCam was set to between 22 and 26 f-stops (shot dependent).

Comparative shots – Clarity / Resolution

Comparison of iSTAR and SceneCam output. Hangar 604, Combat Air Museum, Kansas

Side by Side (50 MP comparison and 15 MP)

Above : Comparison of 50 MegaPixel and 15MP image.

iSTAR Fusion – Stitching ErrorAbove : example of an iSTAR stitching error

More comparative work on these two systems can be referenced here.