Academic Research – whilst at KU

Blackboard VLE

The approach at KU is more open-ended that UK, with an ambition rather than a directive it seems to adopt such system as Blackboard VLE. I cannot advocate Blackboard VLE as being the most intuitive system to use, but it is the tool the university has invested in.

With only partial adoption of any system, its very hard to sway students to see Blackboard VLE (or any other system) as the ‘goto place’ for information – some KU faculty use it, others don’t.

I did originate an Industrial Design portal on Blackboard in 2014, but without total faculty engagement, its not likely to gain traction. This I considered a logical continuation of ‘best practice’ in the UK, as all validated programs of study require full digital documentation and award handbooks.


I did express interest in supporting a KU ‘SharePoint; initiative, but never heard anything after initial meeting.