3.02.08 – SpheronVR ScanLight evaluation


Assess the effectiveness of the SpheronVR ScanLight to provide illumination of a night scene scan.


I rigged a GARMIN VIRB action camera to the top of the SceneCam to provide a ‘dynamic’ ‘first-person’ view of the Scanlight in action, plus an adjacent system to capture a ‘third-person’ perspective.

Above : System in situ – several captures taken with and without lighting.Above : SpheronVR system with GARMIN VIRB mounted on top for ‘first person’ view of light output.

Capture Results – (NO lighting other than ScanLight and ambient light).

VIMEO version of above available here



As footage shows, the ScanLight was more than capable of lighting a very dark night scene well beyond the 12 metre / 40 feet mark.

It can probably attract insect life (eg moths) well beyond that range too! 😉

The primary benefits are:

  • Compact Solution
  • Self Powered and Efficient light output
  • Calibrated / Sustained 6500K output
  • Effective range of 12 metres / 40 feet plus
  • Operation of approx 1.5-2 hours per battery cell (system has two cells)
  • No need for additional floodlighting
  • No requirement for additional power supplies
  • No cables / clutter to contaminate crime scenes or infrastructure studies / point cloud colorization application
  • Ideal when you are not concerned about ambient light captures
  • Speeds up captures by ensuring consistent capture times, even at maximum resolutions

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