3.02.02 – Case Study 03 – NCTech iSTAR Fusion vs Spheron – Domestic Basement @ 50MP

Test 3 – Domestic Basement – MAXIMUM Resolutions

iSTAR FUSION vs Spheron

Given both camera state they have resolutions of 50MP, I decided to compare outputs at these resolutions. Page is work in progress, so will update over comings days…

Maximum Resolution Comparisons

Wide Context comparison

Above : Comparative ‘wide shots’ on both systems : AC unit centered on both

Close Up / Zoom Comparisons

Above : Close Up comparisons on AC unit ‘Carrier’ logo (iSTAR (Top) and Spheron (Below))

Above : Comparison of washing machine control details iSTAR (top image) and Spheron (bottom image)

Exposure Comparison : Data Recovery


Above :  iSTAR fuse box view – no exposure adjustment within the NCTech Immersive Studio Viewer (as tested), so exposure when viewing is fixed. Note iSTAR image is tone-mapped HDR, so will be brighter than Spheron images.SceneCam_Basement_Fusebox_0_0_EV

Above Spheron view of fusebox, as shot. Note Spheron image is NOT tone-mapped when its within SpheroViewer – but it has dynamic exposure adjustment during viewing. Images below show that as screen shots.SceneCam_Basement_Fusebox SceneCam_Basement_Fusebox_Ducting_Recovery SceneCam_Basement_Fusebox_Window_Pane__Recovery

Other Tests