3.02.02 – Case Study 02 – NCTech iSTAR Fusion : Familiarization Tests – Domestic Loft

Test 1 – Domestic Loft Space

  • Camera : NCTech iSTAR Fusion
  • Mount : Manfrotto 055 using 3/8″ threaded mount (standard)
  • Captured using ‘Walk Around Mode’ (essentially two opposite corners captured SEQUENTIALLY – to allow operator to ‘hide’). I avoided using ‘wifi / remote control’ as this would have compounded the very poor battery life / reliability I was experiencing.
  • Image Capture Time was stop watched as 3 minutes 44 seconds – this is not exposure time, but time system was occupied during image capture.
  • On board processing was 5 minutes 21 seconds (whilst camera processed data) before system was ready to shoot another image.
  • Overall Time (2 corner captures + CAMERA processing = 9 minutes 5 seconds) Note there would be additional processing time to be added to above to post process the NCTRI ‘negative’ into a tone-mapped JPEG image.


Above : Camera in situ – comparatively low light situation

Image Output – Processed Image Analysis05_Image_Analysis_All06_Image_Analysis_Footprint

Above : Image analysis (using Photoshop) shows that of original 50 MP pixels utilized to capture this scene, 11.47 MP / 22.95% are lost to camera ‘footprint’ (shown in red).

  • Above : Processed image with processing / capture errors highlighted (immediately apparent – even as a flat image)

Image Analysis and Immersive Analysis (via NCTech Immersive Studio viewer)


Next Test : Domestic Living Room