3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : NCTech iSTAR : iSTAR Image Management

NCTech iSTAR Image Management

All data was stored on an SD card, which requires the files to be transferred onto a suitable computer for additional post-processing and viewing. I did not try any external hard drives for storage.

The iSTAR does have wifi connectivity for control and viewing over a smartphone, however this function was not evaluated during these tests, mainly due to concerns over battery life / reliability.

Folder contents (Windows OS)


Above : Folder contents (Windows OS)

Each capture is saved inside its own folder, storing the following:

  • Raw data file (Proprietary NCTRI format)
  • Info Text
  • YML calibration file
  • THUMB.JPG (‘pseudo panorama)
  • thumb-1,2,3 and 4 (individual lens captures)

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