3.02.01- Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : NCTech iSTAR : Image Capture (Previews)

Images captured by iSTAR Fusion system

Preview Captures

The iSTAR system produces images suitable for direct viewing on the top mounted screen.

  • These are ‘thumbnail’ previews in reality.
  • Provide view of each sensors view / lens captures
  • Provides a small, ‘pseudo panoramic’ view (not a true panoramic) for top screen
  • Previews are NOT tone-mapped / exposure controlled

Individual CapturesPanorama

Above : Thumbnail 01 (687 x 916 pixels)


Above : Thumbnail 02 (687 x 916 pixels)


Above : Thumbnail 03 (687 x 916 pixels)

Above : Thumbnail

Above : Thumbnail 04 (687 x 916 pixels)

iSTAR ‘Pseudo Panoramic’ depiction (not stitched)


Above : Four images / panorama view (320 x 122 pixels)

The image (above) is quite small compared to that generated by the SpheronVR system; the iSTAR preview shown above is sized to fit onto the camera display.

  • Image is NOT a true panorama – as it merely represents the four images shown side by side – you will see a black vertical seperator between each ‘lens’ view if you look closely / enlarge the image.

In Camera display


Above : Example of ‘on camera’ preview of an alternative capture.

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