3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : NCTech iSTAR : Setup

NCTech iSTAR scan setup


Above : iSTAR Fusion in situ. Interior of Lockheed EC-121T

The iSTAR was positioned between the two cockpit seats (as best as possible). Experimentation had already revealed a significant ‘footprint’ area at the nadir point, so the camera was not positioned at ‘eyeline’ (which I would have considered the best height for depicting the interior / providing a ‘pilots’ perspective).

Essentially, the vertical positioning of iSTAR is a compromise between minimizing obscuration of cockpit elements (due to ‘footprint’) and gaining decent viewing angle onto instruments / adjacent equipment.

Image capture would be via delay capture (allowing operator to vacate the shot). This would allow all four sensors to capture their respective views simultaneously. Alternatively, one could use the wifi / remote option (which I did not test at the time)

Thanks to the Combat Air Museum for hosting this test.

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