3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : Spheron SpheroViewer

SpheronVR SpheroViewer

  • Native .SPH files can be viewed directly within the SpheroViewer as an immersive image.
  • Alternatively, processed OpenEXR’s can be viewed inside the SpheronVR SpheronViewer

SpheronVR SpheroViewer (screenshots using .SPH data)

  • Numerous screenshots are taken to show details / issues.
  • Click all images for larger views.
  • All larger images are captured at screen resolution (approx 1920 x 1200) (as with iSTAR screenshots).
  • Views taken match views of the iSTAR captures for convenient comparison


Above : SceneCam Zenith view

  • NO ‘stitching issues’ at zenith on Spheron image (as resultant image is NOT derived by stitching separate images together)
  • A little noisy due to capture settings (can be smoothed out) with alternative capture settings.


Above : SceneCam switchgear close up

  • Switch detail / label fidelity.
  • Slightly noisy
  • No discernible Chromatic Aberration


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot Alternative close up.


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot Right seat view

  • Clean view
  • Decent detail on switch gear
  • External details can be ‘recovered’ by cycling down the EV range (as below)


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot showing dynamic exposure adjustment (compare with previous image).

A video showing dynamic adjustment of exposure and the SpheroViewer in action can be seen via the Glossary section, under SpheronVR SpheroViewer


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot Left seat view

  • No Lens flare
  • Detail correct (top, rear of seat etc) and includes knurling detail.
  • Less Chromatic Aberration
  • Below Zoomed in showing stitching detail.


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot – Close up, showing detail of capture


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot Rear View


Above : Spheron SpheroViewer screenshot – Nadir

  • Very small footprint
  • No ‘stitching’ or alignment issues on detail (as resultant image is NOT derived by stitching separate images together)

The Spheron SpheroView viewing application is part of the SpheronVR SceneCam suite of software, as shipped with the camera system (as tested).

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