3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : Spheron SceneCam : Image Capture (Previews)

SpheronVR SceneCam – Post Processed Preview (automatic after capture)

Upon capture, the .SPH is automatically processed, turning the raw data into a tone-mapped image, exported as a JPEG format preview image:

  • The Spheron system uses the tethered laptop to provide direct viewing of captures.
  • It utilizes the JPEG previews to provide an equivalent resolution of the capture – ie a High Res scan generates a High resolution thumbnail
  • It provides a true panoramic view of the total capture, prior to cropping – i.e. upto 400 degrees of scan.
  • Further post production will crop the image to a true 360 degree, seamless image (removing ‘overscan’ data)
  • True panoramic (unlike iSTAR’s preview, which is an un-stitched 4 panel view)

CAM2-TOUR-HI-071_Preview_ReportAbove : Spheron Equirectangular Projection Preview thumbnail (6632 x 2624 pixels originally – resized to 1000 pixels wide).

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