3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : SpheronVR SceneCam: Post Processed Image Analysis

SpheronVR SceneCam : Post Processed Image AnalysisAbove : Captured images as ‘post-processed’ using Spheron SceneWorks software. (Original 10806 x 5,403 pixels, resized to 1000 pixels wide)

Original image has been ‘tone-mapped’ and exported as a 16-bit TIFF format image (above is JPEG conversion of that image)

  • Take note of the ‘footprint’ area (highlighted by red outline in image BELOW), which designates areas of the scene uncaptured by the camera.
  • This represents a nominal proportion of the 58 mega pixel resolution image captured, with end users still attaining well in excess of the 50MP as promised in SpheronVR publicity materials.

SpheronVR SceneCam Image Analysis (for a Maximum resolution scan @ 58MP)

  • Total Image = 58,384,818 pixels
  • Footprint (contained by RED outline) = 5,878,464 pixels (this is inclusive of area masked by ‘servo housing’)
  • Effective (usable pixels) = 52,506,354 pixels (89.9%)
  • Spheron system offers much better scene coverage than the iSTAR solution, by losing less data to its overall ‘footprint’ ie less obscuartion at nadir.

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