3.02.01 – Case Study 01 – Aircraft interior scan : SpheronVR SceneCam : Image Management

SpheronVR SceneCam – Image Management

The Spheron system uses a tethered laptop (or tablet if you are using the Spheron-LITE system).

The benefits of this approach is that both the camera and laptop have independent power supplies, providing a reliable 6-8 hours of scanning / capture per battery set. See comparison of two systems later in report.

Spheron captured data is directly saved onto the systems hard drive, which in my tests was onto a Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook (originally supplied as part of the SceneCam system)

Folder Contents (Windows OS)


Above : Folder contents (Windows OS)

Each capture is saved into an Image folder, storing the following:

  • SPH file – the native SPHERON ‘digital negative’
  • Preview Image – a file for previewing capture as a true panorama

File Naming Convention

Above : Spheron Default Naming convention

By default, the Spheron system automatically names captures, keeping data management simple; the above example shows default naming convention using the date, time of capture and camera serial number.

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